Maitha Alqaydi

Eman Alnaqbi
Maitha Alqaydi Customer Support

Roles and Responsibilities:

Customer support is the bridge between the companys’ mission and customers’ needs. My role is to attract customers and take care of their experience with us to be smooth and beneficial as possible. As well as to organize the work environment and help our employees to feel like family, be valued, treated fairly, and appreciated.

Mission & Outcomes:

I am a people person. My mission is to be a leader whose people are always comfortable with and would want to be engaged with. Be close to our people, both employees and customers. Listen to customers and be part of their progress, and challenge our employees to do their best. To work all along to achieve more than we ever thought possible.


In Step Up International we look forward to inspire as much young Emiratis as possible and be their successful step forward in life. In customer support, we want to reach these young Emiratis by working and effecting how our company is viewed in the public eye. To be the top Leadership Development Company that is successful in every way, in touching peoples’ lives, in the business market, and in internal operation management.