Leadership Development Workshop #4 "The 10 Principles of Strategic Leadership"

Leadership Development Workshop #4 "The 10 Principles of Strategic Leadership"

In this workshop you’ll learn about the second five principles that will guide you to become a more effective, intelligent & elegant leader


Principle #6: Innovation is one of your strengths. Build the muscle and keep creating.


Principle #7: Optimism is more powerful than realism. Become more optimistic by looking around you and see possibilities.


Principle #8: Become a healthy competitor and aim to win. Become the best ever existed.


Principle #9: Learn to create other leaders and transform them with extraordinary skills, knowledge and experience.


Principle #10: Never underestimate your potential and your power. Unleash it and leave a legacy.


Register for this workshop and plan to arrive 15 minutes early to get good seating and don't miss the opening contents. 


This will be one of the best workshops you have ever attended. That's our promise!


Note: For security reasons and courtesy to other attendees, Photo & Video is not allowed. Please bring your journals to capture the contents!

from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Seats are extremely limited
The Platform, Youth Hub, Emirates Towers, Dubai
Free Admission
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