The 10 Behaviors of Google's Best Managers


Google has learned more about managers since 2008. As the company has grown, they found that Googlers rely on their managers to make clear decisions and facilitate collaboration across teams.
Back in 2008, an internal team of researchers launched a project to study their effort to determine what makes a manager great at Google. From this research, they identified behaviors that are common among their highest-performing managers and incorporated them into their manager development programs. By publicizing and training managers on these behaviors, they saw an improvement in management at Google and team outcomes like turnover, satisfaction, and performance over time.
Here are the 10 behaviors of Google's best managers:
1. Empowering the team and avoiding micromanage
2. Are strong decision-makers
3. Create an inclusive team environment, showing concern for success and well-being
4. Focus on productivity and results
5. Have great communication skills—listen and share information
6. Evaluate performance and support career development
7. Have a clear vision & strategy for the team
8. Have key technical skills to support the team
9. Collaborate across the company
10. Have great coaching skill
The list of ten behaviors was anticipated of team outcomes like turnover, satisfaction, and performance. The team members were more likely to stay at Google, gave higher subsequent satisfaction scores on the employee survey, and were much better performers.
We now know that managers still matter. For Google, these ten behaviors are what makes a manager great at Google – determine what makes a great manager in your organization.

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