Overcoming the Language Barrier in Public Speaking


Are you a non-native English speaker and want to improve your public speaking skills in English?

Keep reading to learn how to overcome the language barrier in public speaking.

Often times, non-native English speakers find themselves faced with a dilemma during public speaking instances, in which they are unable to convey their message in English as efficiently as they do in their first language. Despite that, if a person is committed they can solve this issue and become great speakers. It has been said that “commitment is the key to success”. If you are committed to achieving something, you will find wondrous ways to reach your goal.

Start by setting a clear goal you wish to achieve within one to three months, e.g., becoming fluent in English, and connect that goal to an important reason from your life to serve as a motivation. Then, start studying the language. You can either hire a private teacher which is the most effective method or follow online language courses. There are so many free language courses available on the internet with thousands of videos teaching you how to pronounce words, improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary and master different aspects of the language.

Afterwards, pledge the time to practice; not just in ordinary talk but in speech. You should script your speech first, you don’t necessarily need to memorize it, but that will provide you with something to follow which will really help you structure your speech.

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a phone with a camera, so start recording yourself with the camera for 1-3 minutes and practice public speaking, imagine if you are giving a speech to an audience and record that. Then, score your performance on a scale from 0-10. If you find your score to be below 5 that means you need to work harder. If it was above 5 then you are doing fine and will eventually improve, and if it was above 8, then you are doing really good. Once you are confident, show that video to a couple of people around you that you trust and love, who are not judgmental towards you and are truthful. Ask them to rate it from 0-10, and use their feedback to enhance your skills.

The solution in overcoming the barrier of language in speaking lies in commitment and consistency. Set a goal, study the language, script your speeches, practice them and witness how fast you can become a better speaker!