Gratitude is the Key to Ultimate Happiness


In this blog post, you'll learn about a simple morning routine that will lead you to a successful and happy life.

Gratitude is one of the major key factors in your happiness and how you live daily. It's been said that you can not be grateful and fearful simultaneously. When you are grateful for who you are, how you live and what you have, fear will disappear and you will live with more peace and harmony.

To achieve this, you must be able to create daily positive habits that will eventually lead you to more fulfillment.

The best time of the day to discipline yourself is at dawn before sunrise. You can build a habit of waking up at 5 AM, going for a walk, and listening to your favorite music. After you walk for a few minutes, stop and take a few deep breaths and physically put your hands on your heart and feel it beating. Feel the power of your heart, the strength of your heart, and the beauty of your heart.

For a few minutes, keep your focus on your heart that is one of your greatest assets in life. Your heart has been beating thousands of times daily without taking a break and without you asking for it. It is a perfect heart and a beautiful one.

At this point, you can have a simple conversation with your heart saying:
"Thank you my heart, I appreciate you, I respect you, and I love you.
I am so grateful for you my heart.
I love you for your strengths and your beauty.
Guide me my heart to become stronger, wiser and better today.
Help me love myself more so I can love others more too.
Help me stay true to myself and to those I love and care about.
Help me have more faith in myself and believe in myself more.
Help me do the right thing.
I love you, I appreciate you and I respect you. Let's go and make today magnificent.”

Then open your eyes and take another deep breath. How do you feel? Well, you'll never know how you'll feel until you try this process once and succeed.

Practice this routine for 21 consecutive days to build a habit and see the remarkable results of feeling gratitude in your heart.