Do you have a "Leadership Code of Conduct?”


If you are alive, you are a leader. If you are alive, you are responsible to lead yourself first and design your own life daily.
In this blog post, you’ll learn how you can create your personalized Leadership Code of Conduct (LCOC) that will help you lead others better. It would be very useful if you are in a position of leadership in your family, your company or your country.

Your LCOC is about 3 things:

#1 WHO do you want to BE today and every day as a leader? What kind of identity do you want to have?
Here is a list of 30 examples you can model or you can also create your own. Remember to say these words out-loud daily before you start your work.
This is a kind of daily personal declarations that keeps you on track and reminds you about your mission and purpose in life:
-Be nice
-Be authentic
-Be visionary
-Be a doer
-Be a lover
-Be a giver
-Be with God (if you believe in God)
-Be fun
-Be happy
-Be positive
-Be a source of inspiration
-Be different
-Be a risk-taker
-Be humorous 
-Be enthusiastic  
-Be empowering
-Be courageous 
-Be outrageous  
-Be in a positive state
-Be a great teacher & coach
-Be valuable
-Be creative
-Be passionate
-Be excited
-Be confident
-Be strong
-Be wise
-Be cool
-Be a winner

#2 HOW do you want to live daily?
This is about the process you go through daily. If you don’t design your ideal life and ideal days, then one day you’ll wake up and realize that you have lived only one-tenth of life. That’s what most people do and if you want to become an extraordinary leader, you need to design and plan your days.

#3 WHAT do you want to give to the world? What CAN you give?
You can give your time, energy, money, skills, knowledge and experiences. Your contribution will make you a much happier leader because it’s been said that “the secret to happy living is giving."