ACE YOUR PRESENTATIONS #2: Preparation, Content Power & Knowing the Audience


Factor 2: Preparation, Content Power & Knowing the Audience

Preparation is an essential part in every presentation and it can become a breaking factor in deciding whether a person will deliver a great presentation or not. The presenter should start with appropriate powerful content that suits the audience, which isn’t limited to creating beautiful slides. It’s very important that a person ensures they are well-prepared before their presentation and that they create content which is both resourceful and powerful. Powerful content always adds value to the listener therefore, your content should add value to the audience in an interesting or entertaining way.

When preparing your content ensure that your presentation becomes a precious gift of knowledge for your listeners, do not stuff it with a lot of information and do not under-stuff it either. Keep a balanced level from which your audience will be able to digest what you are trying to convey.

Most people restrict the idea of preparation to the rehearsal of what an individual will say. When in reality, it surpasses far more than that.

To be fully prepared you must formulate your content based on your audience; learn their age range, gender, nationality and expectations because with varying backgrounds, comes varying needs. Nonetheless, just as under-preparation should be avoided, over-preparation can waste unnecessary time and energy whereas the extent of your preparation process should depend on the type of presentation you are presenting, the audience and the size and style of venue.

In addition to that, inanimate factors such as your microphone, slides, lighting, etc should be taken into consideration with secondary and tertiary plans in place to resolve any unanticipated issues.

Finally, acclamation of presentations differs from one audience to another, and in order to ensure your success, take every little aspect into consideration.