ACE YOUR PRESENTATIONS #1: Body, Mentality & State Management


Factor 1: Body, Mentality & State Management

Have you ever watched a powerful speech/presentation and wished if you could present on the same level?

The blog series ACE YOUR PRESENTATIONS will introduce you to 5 important factors that make up a successful presentation, which you can follow in order to present one and by following these tips you might find yourself at first consciously struggling to manage your body, mentality and state but with time, this will become part of you subconsciously.

We will discuss the first factor in this post which is body, mentality and state management. These three points intermesh together to create the ultimate outer persona of the presenter. Most of the time, the first thing that you perceive in a person is their appearance, hence you should be aware of your body language and the great effect that it possesses in creating first impressions; always maintain a well-poised and confident composition which in turn will instill confidence in your audience towards your presentation. Moreover, when it comes to mentality and your state of mind, it is part of human nature that moods and mental states fluctuate. However, the secret lies in state management, taking yourself from a lower state to a higher state of mind. This will energize yourself and the viewers. Most peoples’ states are directly affected by their surrounding environment but it isn’t necessary to depend on your environment for that. You can independently construct an environment that gets you excited, motivated and in your best mood ever. This is also done within teams in sports, between cast members in theatre and in other group activities where members raise their state to help them perform better in an event. You can get creative in finding ways that assist you in reaching your highest state by doing simple things that empower you. Your audience will find your energy contagious and they will automatically raise their energy levels as well.