ACE YOUR PRESENTATIONS #4: Engagement and Charisma


Factor 4: Engagement and Charisma

Having your audience attentive and focused while you are presenting is one of the factors that lead to the success of the presentation.

Because what’s a presentation without an audience?

Delivering a presentation to a disengaged audience is the same as presenting to an empty room.

Therefore, having them on the same page as you is crucial and it can be achieved by engagement; by engaging with them you provide an opportunity for your attendees to break from the pattern of only-listening and transition to an active state where they are prepared to interact, talk or make physical movements which will help them regenerate their focus.

Sometimes, the attention of the audience deviates from the presenter because simply, their attention span has ran out. You will need to be able to identify the signs which indicate that and intervene. Usually, people will space out, check their phones or scribble down on paper when they are inattentive and with experience you will learn and understand the different patterns of people in the audience and will be able to gradually build presentations that will make it difficult for them to disengage and even predict the appropriate slot/s in the presentation where engagement is necessary. Engaging with the audience will increase their attention, having them interact will also be helpful.

Being charismatic will smooth the engagement process and will raise people’s interest in listening to you. Charisma can be an inherent or acquired skill, you can use it during your interactions with the audience which will contribute in building rapport with them. It is one of the strongest skills that you can have whilst in a position that requires influencing people.