ACE YOUR PRESENTATION #5: Closing and Action


Factor 5: Closing and Action

The closing of a presentation is as important as the introduction, it is in your hands to make your audience’s experience unforgettable, a chance to empower them to take action towards your topic or else they forget all about it when they are done. The closing is the freshest piece for them to remember from your presentation when leaving. Therefore, you must spend time to make your closing powerful because it is an opportunity to sow the seeds of change in them. A chance to reinforce your outcomes and achieve the goals you have set out for your presentation. It is also an opportunity for you to introduce a product or a service you have for the audience and that is a step that many presenters put off in their presentations, it has to be carefully planned and rehearsed and you should plan how to sell your product/service and mention what benefit/s will it provide, how much does it cost and what actions the audience need to take to receive it.

An extraordinary presenter will leave people with a thought that provokes an action, will stir their emotions and lead others to personal breakthroughs.

You can create a unique closing to follow for the rest of your presentations in order to achieve an unforgettable conclusion.