3 Tips To Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills


  • Clarity of your outcomes

The outcomes of your speech/presentation should be clear to you and your audience, think of what you want to achieve from it and the outcomes you are looking for. These should be things that both you and the audience will benefit from. Your outcomes should leave a before-and-after effect on your audience, meaning that you have provided them with something new which is still useful for them after the end of the speech/presentation, such as a solution to a problem. You must have a minimum of 3-5 outcomes, e.g., adding massive value, providing a fun experience, sharing new skills, fully associating the audience with your presentation and selling a specific product (Read more on ACE YOUR PRESENTATIONS #5)


  •  Commitment to succeed in your speech

Imagine you were given a scale from 0-10 and were to choose a number that describes how much you want to succeed in your speech; the amount  of commitment you exert will reflect on how well you do, a person who chooses 10 will definitely prepare differently than the one who chooses 5. Therefore, being aware of this scale in everything you do will provide a clear measurement of how much you are contributing for your results. It can also serve as a reminder to raise your efforts in order to receive what you seek.


  • Preparation

We’ve handled the topic of preparation previously on our blog post “ACE YOUR PRESENTATIONS #2”. This is a crucial step for any public speaking engagement whether it’s a speech, a presentation or something else.