Reem Aldhaheri

Reem Aldhaheri
Reem Aldhaheri Media & Video Production

Roles and Responsibilities:

My role is to ensure the creation of valuable video content that can be powerful for our customers and provide them with the ultimate most prestigious experience. It will also be shared across several social media platforms. Moreover, I am responsible for allocating resources and selecting optimal forms of media for different projects as well as visualizing and creating graphics.

Mission & Outcomes:

My mission is to research and to know how to impact our customers by designing and creating educational videos and graphics that influence them into taking immediate actions. I want to reach out to as many people as I can and assist the viewers in absorbing the information conveyed to them in the best way possible. I also thrive to become a great communicator and be supportive to my team members and assist them with what they need in order for us to flourish as a company and to help our customers in the best way possible.


I am committed to work smarter (not just harder) every single day, and create empowering videos that can positively impact people’s lives and make my country a better place. I want to see future leaders including myself, to gain all the leadership skills needed to fulfill their roles in making our world a better place. I am excited!