Eman Alnaqbi

Eman Alnaqbi
Eman Alnaqbi Content Management

Roles and Responsibilities:

Content management and professional translation from English to Arabic & vice versa. I must ensure that our contents are current trends, empowering, and aligned with our customer’s desires, wants, and needs. Once I am satisfied with the content, and it is approved by my team, then I translate it to Arabic language so it can be easily accessible to a wide range of other customers that might prefer to receive it in Arabic. My responsibilities are including effective communication with our content team as well as the art directors, and the video production team. We must all stay on the same page and deliver our contents with visually appealing images, and videos that can move people and inspire them to take immediate action towards a positive purpose. I am responsible to educate my team members and remind them about the importance of our work and the positive impact we are creating everyday.

Mission & Outcomes:

My mission is to have a deeper understanding of our customers and what we can provide for them everyday to make their life more meaningful. I want to be supportive to my team members and inspire them daily with the work we do. I want to make sure that my love and caring heart is shown in everything I do for our customers in every way possible.


Creating positive impact in people’s lives is the result I want. I am committed to serve as a leader and make my country a better place for it’s people. I spend time daily on research so that I could create powerful contents that can transform people and help them to make their life a masterpiece. I am also committed to stay focus on enjoying the process while creating the results.