Coach Kardan

Coach Kardan
Coach Kardan Chairman & CEO

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a leader, my role is to empower and care for our employees and help them to develop themselves daily. My daily focus is to implement the right strategies in our system so that our team can produce outstanding results. Recruiting and hiring A-class players (85%) and B-class players (15%), and constantly train them to do the best job they can. My responsibilities are: Clarifying weekly, monthly, and yearly outcomes with a roadmap and plan of action. Coaching and training the team on a weekly basis so that they can use a scorecard to see their performance. Creating valuable contents for our customers and help them design their extraordinary life. Regular communication with the team to make sure they are on the right path.

Mission & Outcomes:

My mission is to inspire our employees every single day so that they know the big WHY behind everything we do. My outcomes are: To do and be the #1 Leadership Development Company in the world starting with the UAE, Japan, and New Zealand by the year 2022. We will be one of the happiest companies in the world creating positive impact in people’s lives with our high quality training programs. I want to impact and inspire many global organizations to learn from us and do the same.


The best results we could create for ourselves and for our customers is to Step Up and become extraordinary leaders and make our world a better place. I am grateful and honored to be and live in one of the happiest countries in the world. I love the UAE, and my goal is to create a healthy, fast growing company, with happy employees and happy customers. Our profit margin will be one of the highest in the market so that other companies can model our strategies and tactics to succeed and produce measurable results.