Our Core story

Step up International’s core business mainly is to polish & enhance leadership presentation skills for top executives running international firms. Using proven strategic tools & methods through one-to-one training & helping executives with their keynote speaking materials, we have achieved many success stories. We take an ordinary CEO from where they are to where they want to be, with maximizing their own potential and taking them through our training method and strategy preparing them for a true transformation. This process not only enables the executive to reflect on the latest initiatives but to also inspire,motivate and strengthen their team to set examples as true leaders.

Step up International is a recognized brand dealing with clients in Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia & the Middle East. Step up was initially established in 2008 in Tokyo, Japan by it’s founder & CEO Farhad Kardani(Coach Kardan) whose inspiration was to create a concept that would enable professionals from different background, race, culture or religion to be able to lead by example. Step Up international officially incorporated and established a hub in the UAE in mid 2016.