About Coach Kardan

Farhad Kardani (Coach Kardan) is an International Speaker, Bestselling author & the CEO of Step Up Corporation Japan. 

He is currently a Corporate Trainer and works with corporate leaders & their team to set a new standard & increase their Sales & Profit. 

Coach Kardan is originally from Iran, a New Zealand citizen and resident of Tokyo & Dubai. He moved to Japan in 1991 and started from $7 per hour(¥700) working as a welder in a small factory. He picked up his Japanese language in two months and managed to learn the high-tech welding in less than six months, then his salary was raised to $30 per hour (¥3,000). It was a remarkable achievement for him since he was a homeless kid back home in Iran. He made himself a promise to design a great life and become an example of possibilities. Coach had many dreams and one of them was to become an airline pilot. 

After he worked as a welder in Japan for seven years, he saved enough money to attended a top class flight school in New Zealand and became a commercial pilot as well as helping his family and get them out of Iran. He then met with many of his mentors and teachers learning lots of skills of both business & life. He made a big shift in his life after 9/11 and decided to move from flying to coaching & public speaking. Today he works with top executives of Billion dollar companies and help them on their Presentation Skill as well as training their team to increase their leadership, sales & productivity. Coach Kardan travels and speaks to audiences from different walks of life. His Keynote speaking engagements are educational, entertaining & inspirational and he always leaves his audience with some powerful breakthroughs and thoughts. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to empower your audience and make a positive impact on their psychology, Coach Kardan would be a great choice for you & your organization. He does his speaking engagements in English, Japanese & Persian(Farsi).

 We offer keynote speaking to corporations, government, schools and universities. 

Themes & Topics

Communication Skills



Diversity & Globalization

Emotional Intelligence

Employee Engagement

Leadership & Management

Negotiation Skills

Presentation Skills




Peak Performance

Inspiration & Motivation

Goal Setting

Life Balance

Time Management


Improve Communication and Productivity
Better Synergy and Teamwork
Increase Motivation
Effective Management
Improve Leadership and Influence

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