Statistic shows

ROI is more than 600% of their investment.



For executives, presentation and public speaking are very much a part of their responsibilities.

Effective speaking is what distinguishes the successful professional from everyone else.

Public speaking is one of the most critical skills to executive's personal career success and to the organization's growth and stability.


Inside the organization

One effective speech could be one of the best reasons to increase the synergy, productivity and leadership in the employees’ performance. At the same time, one ineffective speech can damage their performance which will be a great risk to protect the brand of your product, service or the organisation itself. This could lead to huge loss of sales & profit.

In public

Leaders of orgainsation have many occasions to speak. Their performance will effect the organisation's value and brand image. Effective speech will increase certainty and trust in the society and increase their interest to the organization's activities, products & services. One speech can create strong bond with the society or it could damage it too.

Measurable results in a reasonable time.

Most executives have some experience of presenting in front of a group. However, when executives are called upon, they will want to be not just adequate, they will want to be intelligent, elegant & effective. Executive Presentation Coaching is an opportunity to work, on an one-to-one basis, with one of the foremost presentation trainers in the world. 

Coach Kardan has been working with executives & organisations in Japan, Singapore, Australia & the UAE. Over the years, he has created a proven system & method. He customizes special program based on organisation's needs and executives character. He has been delivering an outstanding level of training.

Coach Kardan’s training can be concentrated on

a specific presentation task, in a specific venue, to a specific audience for a specific Result.

Presentation Coaching Session

Monitoring Coaching at the Rehearsal

Actual Presentation



We can arrange a complementary hearing session for you. 

Trial session is negotiable upon request.



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